Practice Areas

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  • Medical(Healthcare)


    - Medical disputes(medical litigation, Korean Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency)
    - Administrative litigation(administrative disposition, recouping disposition, business suspension disposition, disposition of penalty surcharge and etc. on medical relations)
    - Criminal litigation(violation of Medical Service Act, Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, Medical Devices Act, Medical Technicians, Etc. Act, and etc.)


    - Legal advice on medical institutions(establishment/management/transfer of business and etc.)
    - Legal advice on healthcare industries(medical devices, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, foods and etc.)
    - Legal advice on bio-healthcare start-ups(establishment/business model/external investment attraction and etc.)
    - Legal advice on non-profit corporations(incorporation/changes in governance structure/transfer of business and etc.)
    - Legal advice on policies(research and service/enactment∙amendment of law and etc.)

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