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Seok, Dong-Hyeon Managing Partner

  • Education

    1979 : Busan Dong High School Graduated
    1983 : Graduated from Seoul National University of Law
    1986 : Seoul National University Graduate School of Law (Constitutional Studies)


    1983 : Passes the 25th Judicial Examination
    1985 : Completion of the 15th Judicial Research and Training Institute
    1987~1999 : Busan, Wonju, southern Seoul, Daegu, Justice Department, Seoul District Prosecutors' Office
    1999~2002 : Seoul High Prosecutor, Yeongdong Branch Director, Supreme Prosecutor, Public Information Officer
    2003~2008 : Director of the Legal Affairs Division of the Ministry of Justice, Prosecutor of the Seoul High Prosecutors' Office, Criminal Division 1 of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office, and Cheonan Branch Office
    2008~2009 : Director of the Seoul High Prosecutors' Office Song Affairs Division
    2009~2011 : Director of Immigration/Foreigner Policy Division, Ministry of Justice
    2011~2012 : Chief Prosecutor of Busan District Prosecutors' Office
    2012 : Chief Prosecutor of the Seoul Eastern District Prosecutors' Office
    2013~present : Honor Society Member (Community Fundraising Society for Social Welfare)
    2013~2015 : Chairman, Korean Residents Education Support Group
    2013~2022 : Co-Representative of Lawyers for Human Rights and Unification on the Korean Peninsula
    2014~2016 : President of the Korean Immigration Law Association
    April 2021~October 2022 : Representative Attorney of Dongjin Law Firm
    October 2022~January 2024 : Secretary-General of the Advisory Council for Democracy and Peaceful Unification
    March 2024~present : Dongjin, CEO of the law firm