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Mun, Byeong-Chan Managing Partner

  • Education

    1981 : Graduated from Daegu High School
    1988 : Graduated from Korea University College of Law


    1996 : Acceptance of the 38th Judicial Examination
    1999 : Completion of Judicial Research and Training Institute (28th term)
    1999~2001 : Preliminary Judge of the Seoul District Court
    2001~2003 : Judge, Western Branch of Seoul District Court
    2003~2007 : Judge, Daegu District Court
    2007 : Judge, Ansan Branch, Suwon District Court (Dispatch of Cambridge University Education, UK)
    2007~2010 : Judge, Suwon District Court
    2010~2012 : Judge, Seoul High Court
    2012~2014 : Professor of Judicial Research and Training Institute
    2014~2016 : Chief Judge of the Daejeon District Court and Daejeon Family Court Hongseong Branch
    2016~2020 : Senior Judge of the Uijeongbu District Court Goyang Branch
    2020~2023 : Senior Judge of the Seoul Western District Court
    2023~2024 : Senior Judge of the Seoul Central District Court